Education Day – VUmc School of Medical Science

“The doctor of the Past, the Present and the Future

For the Education Day (Onderwijsdag) of the VUmc School of Medical Science (Amsterdam) het Acteursgenootschap was asked to create different topical sketches to enliven the afternoon. As food for thought but also to have some comical interludes. The topic of the day was “The doctor of the Past, the Present and the Future”, so we wrote and performed three interludes in which we emphasized on the past, present and future. These included for example sketches about the status a doctor had in the past, Social Media on the workfloor, the problems you experience if you want to apply for an internship. Our assignment was to let the audience look at all these topics with different eyes “upside down and inside out” and we surely succeeded in that. We closed the Education Day with a song about all the topics that had been talked about that afternoon.

Script: Loek van den Wijngaard and Elske Rollema
Actors: Loek van den Wijngaard, Suzanne Spliethoff and Elske Rollema
Duration: Three sketches and a song during the day
Technician: Yarre Stooker

Dokters van vroeger
Doctor of the Past